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                                                                                   Give-A-lution Opportunities


Raking leaves- This is a time when the members of Travelers can serve our members and community by raking the leaves of their houses. If you want your leaves raked at your house or if you would like to volunteer in raking leaves, please sign up.


Adopt- A - Family- You can adopt a family for Thanksgiving by purchasing them a dinner for Thanksgiving. A list of items will be provided for you and after you bring in the items the church will deliver them to the families. You are able to write the family a letter or give them a card. We have 13 families that are able to be adopted, due date for this food to be handed in is Sunday November 12th. If you want to adopt a family, see Sis. Linda Wilson


Operation Christmas Child- This is a time when you can send a shoebox of clothes, hygiene products, toys, etc, to a underprivileged child in another country. If you are willing to participate in Operation Christmas Child please see Sis. Courtney Penn. Due date for this event is November 19th


Habitat for humanity- This is a time when you can volunteer your services for tasks such as painting, light construction, etc. More information to come soon.


Shelter dinner- We will be serving our local shelter in Edison NJ Thanksgiving dinner on Monday November 20th at 6pm. We will need volunteers to help in kitchen, serve food and drinks, hospitality, and clean up. If you are interested please sign up in the vestibule area. Someone will contact you.



Angel Tree- We will have a tree in the vestibule on November 12th, with under privileged children names on it. We are asking that you grab a child's name off of the tree and purchase them a gift, bring it to the church wrapped, place under the tree with gift tag, and we will deliver it to the child. These gifts are due back by Dec. 11th(please attach the gift tag taken from tree onto wrapped gift).


Salvation Army- We will be going to the Salvation Army to serve Lunch from 12pm-1pm, on the dates of November 28th, and December 4th. There will be a sign up sheet in the vestibule.


Drive Thru Blessing- the next time you’re in the drive-thru line, line, toll booth–or anywhere you go to make a purchase. Consider paying for the order of the person behind you! If you have a TFCC card give it to the cashier, for them to give it to the person you paid for. Or if you dont have a card then just tell the cashier to tell the person, "God bless them." This will really impact people in ways greater than even that cup of coffee or happy meal.


Give-alution offering- Travelers will be having a Give-alution offering on Dec. 10th during our morning service. We are asking everyone to give $25 towards our Give-alution offering. This offering will go toward off setting some of our give-alution initiatives, and our Gas and Grocery card Giveaway, (see below)

Gas card and Grocery card give-away- On December 17th during our morning worship service we will be handing out Gas Cards and Grocery Cards to members of Travelers. Yes we believe in OUT- Reach but we also believe in IN-REACH. This is a time to bless the people of Travelers.


Some of these events are subject to change, and some may be added, but we will keep you informed.

We will like to thank you in advance for all of your time, energy, and donations. None of this would have been possible without you. Great job Travelers, let's keep on feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick. And remember "It's better to GIVE than to receive".